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About Chief TekiNerd, Andy Mills

Andy is a senior technology executive and entrepreneur who has worked for more than 24 years in the high tech local area networking, storage area networking, enterprise computing systems and semiconductor industry. Specializing in whole product cycle strategy formulation, new product development and marketing launch into both OEM and system builder channels, he has worked in several progressive positions in product development, field and product marketing, general management and CEO levels in both the US and Europe.

Andy has either directly developed or played a key role in the development of embedded real-time multi-processor based systems, software RAID, hardware accelerated driverless RAID, mass market low power mobile PC Ethernet connectivity, Gigabit Ethernet standard development, FDDI over copper standard development (leading to Fast Ethernet), external PCI Express cabled storage systems and early x86 host based acceleration technologies.

He has authored technology papers and articles in the communications, storage and computing spaces and is the author of Understanding FDDI with Prentice Hall.

On the personal side, Andy is an amateur musician and songwriter and as a true TekiNerd, wrote a hand compiled machine code version of Pacman on the UK based Dragon Computer in 6809 code in his student days. He has a mixed Gigabit, HomePlug and 802.11 home network connecting Window Home Server, Linux and Windows Media servers as well as several performance gaming PCs/DAW.